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Buy 2 get 1 free 

(Coupon code: KUNGFU)

Special offer for family and friends: Buy two admissions for any family members or friends, and the third person can attend the class for free. This offer is only available for same-day use.


  • Members who choose the monthly payment option enjoy a 10% discount, reducing the monthly fee to $108


Time & Location

Every Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM 

John Barrett American Martial Arts

2343 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717


About the Class

The Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamentals is a two-hour weekly class that takes place every Sunday, from 3 pm to 5 pm, designed for beginners aged 13 years and older. In this class for beginners and intermediate learners, we'll practice traditional Shaolin Temple training:

  • Buddhist Ceremony: We start each class with a Buddhist ritual to let go of distractions and cultivate a mindful mindset. This helps us practice living in the moment.

  • Stretching: We incorporate a full-body stretch routine before training to enhance flexibility and prevent injuries. This preparatory session is designed to warm up your muscles and increase range of motion.

  • Kung Fu: We prioritize traditional Shaolin Kung Fu forms, applications, self-defense, animal forms, and weapon study in our training. Throughout the process, I'll refine your moves and tailor your specialties for personalized growth.

  • Zen Meditation: We conclude each class with a 6-minute Zen meditation session to reflect on and summarize our progress.


The class format is based on traditional training methods. The class routine is a summarization of Shaolin Temple in one day's training schedule, starting with a Buddhist ritual to set the good intention for the day, followed by stretching and warming up the body, training in Kung Fu, self-defense, and weapons practice, and finishing with a short meditation.


At the end of each session, there will be an opportunity for socializing, fostering a supportive community atmosphere where students can connect, inspire, and motivate each other towards disciplined and positive growth.

Shaolin Kung Fu Fundamentals / Habit Building Weekly Class

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