The four celestial guardians will support your career, wealth, health, power, fame, longevity, happiness, love and expanding.


Where to place the guardians: 

1. Dragon on the left portion of the house (inside looking out)
2. Tiger on the right portion of the house (inside looking out)

3. Phoenix in front portion of the house ( entry are of the house )
4. Xuan Wu - Snake and Turtle at the back portion of the house


It comes in a set of four guardians, do not sell individually.

Material: Yellow bronze



Four Celestial Guardians for Ultimate Feng Shui

  • The Dragon

    It is located on the left side (inside looking out), a powerful creature wise and far sighted. The Dragon is associated with the Wood element, and has expanding energy. When we think of the Wood element the visual image is that of a big tree with deep roots, big trunk with flourish leaves, and expanding outwards fearlessly. This is the side where your dream and wishes can be supported. 


    The Tiger

    It is always located on your right side (inside looking out), regardless of whether you are left, or right handed. The Tiger symbolizes great strength, it is associated with the Metal element like a sword, and has condensing energy. This means having landscaping and objects on your right side relatively close to the ground. It is so important to have a  strong right hand, to keep everthing under control and well guarded.


    The Phoenix 

    This is what you see in front of your house or office space. The Phoenix is a mythical bird that represents perpetual inspiration, is associated with the Fire element, and has rising energy. As the flying of the Celestial Guardians it provides you with an unobstructed view, and a space to see where you are headed. In dwellings this applies to the space in the front of the home.  It is also called the bright hall. Make the Phoenix feel welcomed in the front area of a space . 


    The Xuan Wu - Snake and Turtle 

    The turtle’s hard shell and snake represents security and protection as well as the mountain behind you. It is associated with the water element, and has the  energy of longevity. In applied Feng Shui a practitioner looks for tall trees, hills, or mountains behind your land, dwelling or building. In a personal space; when sitting, a chair with a high back is the support needed, and a solid headboard, or wall behind you when sleeping. We know that the rear is the most vulnerable place because our visual field does not include the movements or space behind us. I it so important that you have the Snake and Turtle got your back. When you have an important meeting or event you will be fine becasue you have the solid protection behind you.